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At Matrix Fit you'll be sure to see results fast with our personally designed programs.

Our programs include:

- Cardiovascular conditioning

- FRC Mobility-Joint Strength-     Body Control

- Athletic training

- Strength training

- TPI Golf fitness

- Steel Mace Training

Clubbell Athletics

- TRX suspension training

- Kettlebell training

- Ground-based movement       training

- Progressive Yoga &     bodywowrk therapy

Package Information

3 - 6 month package (includes):

- FMS Assesment ($55.00 value)

-1lb. of Gelatin

- Hands-on consultant

- Functional therapist ($250.00 value)

* 1 & 2 month packages available.

* Half hour sessions available.

* Semi-private training packages available.

Contact us for more information and pricing.

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